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if you have reached this page in error, fear not it was no accident!

martin borromeo
13 March
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i figure i need to keep up with the times, back then i thought blogging was so new maybe i could relate some of my experiences to the world somehow, well i was partially right - i just never ever got around to the relating part.

now that im more experienced being to the philippines and having abandoned america for a while, i see that i did miss more than a few things the first time around. for one thing i suppose i was too young to go bar hopping and drinking which i never really enjoy unless im with friends. for another i feel im somewhat limited in my discussions concerning adult topics bc i was too embarrassed and i didnt know what the limit was on the okness - but perhaps none of that would really matter if i werent so busy at home by myself wanting to get busy doing alone stuff...

well now i happen to love soul searching but at least its more balanced and i dont think ill ever run out of exploring to do so i just take it one day at a time, instead of my usual then of trying to stuff every experience all in one day. i just end up not remembering what i really enjoyed. i suppose it was just fun, minus the details...
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